Greetings, my name is Tom

I specialize in

Designing & Developing

Websites | Apps | Themes | Interfaces

Designer | Developer | Interaction Design | UI Design |  App Design


I am a front end designer and developer, currently working and living in Chicago, with a passion for Inspirational Web Design, responsive grids and innovative projects.

Away from designing & building things, I love to bike, study new web design trends and spend time with my family.


I currently work for LP Internet Solutions, an amazing design web development studio based in Chicago, Illinois with a focus on great startups and innovative products.

I am taking on projects at the moment, so get in touch if you think we’d make wonderful things together.


Here are some of my latest and finest portfolio works

Handicap This Productions

In 2001 Mike Berkson met Tim Wambach. Mike has cerebral palsy and virtually no movement of his arms and legs, thus limiting his control and independence. Tim was a motivated young adult looking to find his way. It is said that everybody is looking for somebody and these two individuals were indirectly looking for each other.

Bright Pink

VA world (with lots of pink) where every young woman proactively develops, and lives by, a personalized breast and ovarian cancer risk reduction or early detection strategy, while being lifted up and supported by a community of vibrant, confident, and inspiring women all seeking the same happy ending – a better, brighter future.

Chicago Police Memorial Foundation

Established in 2004, the Foundation strengthens the relationship between the Chicago Police, its business and civic leaders and its citizenry. It allows us to express our gratitude to the fallen officers’ families for the ultimate sacrifice of their loved one.

Tanta Chicago

Tanta is dedicated to sharing the flavors and culture of Peru with Chicago, serving authentic Peruvian dishes and beverages in an approachable, fun and casual downtown setting. We provide service that is casual yet knowledgeable, genuine and attentive, utilizing locally sourced products and vendors that are sensitive to sustainable farming and fishing.



I first start with creating schematics and wire-framing out the designs, giving careful thought to position, size and proportions. The next step is diving into Illustrator to finalize the wire-frames to ensure a great user experience.


It’s Photoshop time! Taking the carefully crafted wireframes & userflows into consideration, I start to flesh out the user interface until I’m happy with it. Then it’s the time for little tweaks until the client is as well.


Here’s the really fun part. Taking those designs and using my frontend skills to make them awesome. Whether it be a quick static site, a content-managed site, or even an e-commerce store – it’s going to work extremely well.


Now all the hard work is done there’s just a few final configurations and tests before the site can go live. When finished, training documentation is prepared and final invoice sent.